magyar nemet
No pre-packed event. Only success to be foretold.
Frappe Inc Event: Classical creative event solutions.
The „frappé”…

Frappé: Ice-cold refreshment; shaken with water coffee and ice; served with a thousand ways.

Frappé Event:
The event-service; A basic idea shaken; flavoured with creative solutions and offered with unique presentation.

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Frappé Event Kft.
Tel: +36-1-788-7465
Fax: +36-1-788-7465
H-1149 Budapest,
Nagy Lajos király street 210/a, III/23.

Laura Bercea
Managing director

Ákos Bátori
Event planner

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The passing of time can’t be stopped, but we try to capture sweet moments and moods. These are the memories of the unrepeatable moments.

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