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2014 events

EPSON product demonstration

C3 Atelier Budapest – 60 people

In the centre of the event were the professional EPSON printers and the four basic colours: black – magenta – yellow – cyan.






EPSON partner meeting with teambuilding cooking

Geréby Kúria, Lajosmizse – 20 people

The best parties are always in the kitchen, that’s why we moved a complete kitchen to the event. Everyone has the chance to be a professional chef, and of course, the guests had the dinner, they cooked!






United Publishers Hungary – Magyar Brands awards ceremony

Zoo Budapest, Magic Mountain – 200 people

Elegant gala with award ceremony, musical show, reception in a special place, guided tour into the night life of the Budapest Zoo. An exceptional event for an exceptional occasion!






VIASAT partner meeting in the mood of the ‘20s of America

Hotel Nautis****, Gárdony – 50 people

After a short conference we organised a surprise program for the guest: at first a visit to a Pálinka manufactory, then a time travel into the 20s of America, with casino tables, Maffia-quiz, Viasat-Dollars, whiskey-tasting, many accessories of this time, and of course the invitation of The Godfather.





70th birthday, family event

Barabás Villa, Budapest – 70 people

A nice family event for one of our partner’s father in a wonderful green place of Buda, with many presents, famous hit songs, chocolate-fountain, and of course with the birthday cake!









OFA Ltd. 1-week-long study tour abroad:

Stockholm – Göteborg, Sweden – 14 people

Another study tour organised by our company for OFA this time to Sweden: professional conferences, workshops and visits at companies. Our task was providing the accommodation, the meals and all the travelling, as usual.


EPSON workshop

Álomautó Múzeum (Dream Car’s Museum), Budapest – 70 fő

Our partner had a workshop about large format printers in a special place, where these great machines has enough place to introduce them. After the professional program we invited the guests to a tour among the beautiful cars guided by ‘Karcsi bácsi’. At the end one of our guests has won a present: he had the possibility to drive a dream car!




MVM Exclusive, private opening ceremony of the Rembrandt exhibition, with Partner Meeting

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest – 120 people

rendezveny-0098After the Caravaggio Exhibition 2013, our company had the possibility to organise another partner meeting for MVM in the Museum of Fine Arts. The guests could have taken a virtual travel to the Netherlands, by tasting some Dutch cheese and traditional food. Of course they could be the first to visit the exhibition, as well.





Season Opening Day

Balatonvilágos – 1000 people

This event was cooperation with the associations of Balatonvilágos, a usual summer opening party with famous Hungarian musicians, programs for families and children, sport facilities and competitions.






Club Aliga Fabulous Days for families and children

Balatonvilágos, Club Aliga – 5000 people

rendezveny-0098In 2014 there were 5 times Fabulous Day in Club Aliga, each event had a theme, like pirates, circus, fables or sport, fitness. Among many popular Hungarian artists, our new mascot has been also introduced; ‘Captain Hápi’ the duck became immediately favourite among children. He will be waiting for his young friends this year, too!





Adventure Park – decoration in Pirate’s style


It was an unusual task for us: we created a new image for an adventure park, in pirate’s style – it means new logo, decorations, printed flyers and some new games, as well.









MORTOFF Santa Claus party

Budapest – 80 people

rendezveny-0098We invited Santa Claus and his nice friend to the children of our partner. It was a very big surprise for the youngest people, they sang loudly to the old bearded man, who praised them to be so good girls and boys during the whole year, and gave them beautiful presents, of course. There were also some other games and activities for the children and parents as well, like face painting, handicraft program or caricaturist.





Year-end closing party at Christmas

Boscolo Hotel*****, Budapest – 300 people

The elegant ballroom in the five-star hotel with nice decoration, the high-level accordion show with Zoltán Orosz and his friend, the fantastic dinner ensured an unforgettable evening for the guests.






Christmas dinner for MVM Net Ltd-workers

Hemingway Restaurant, Budapest – 160 people

rendezveny-0098In 2014 was the 3rd time for us to have the possibility to organise the Christmas dinner for MVM Net Ltd. We had to look for a bigger place because of the rising number of the workers. The program was also new for the guests: a fantastic energetic show by Strokes percussion group, casino games, and party with karaoke until dawn in a beautiful lakeside restaurant.






Alcoa Köfém Ltd. Year-end closing workers’ party

Videoton Sport Hall, Székesfehérvár – 600 people

rendezveny-0098We close the year 2014 by Alcoa-ball, with the show of the popular Hungarian singer, Andrea Szulák, and a dynamic dance group, 4 for Dance. The party was leaded by Vegas Show Band in a fantastic mood, the sport hall would have been dressed into festal decoration, and the menu was also elegant, as the previous years.









Culinary tasting

Our gastronomic programmes were in demand very much this year, too. The most popular delicacies were: ham, whiskey, rum, cigar, chocolate (bon-bon and other forms of chocolate), cheese and wine, eatable flowers, coffee- and teaspecialities.
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Selection from previous events


Marchiol LTD ElectroExpo exhibition:
Hungarian Railway Museum, Budapest – 3000 people

Comissioned by Marchiol LTD we set up a 3-day-long professional exhibition twice where our roles were the holistic organisation, the providing of the stand construction and the all day long hospitality, the organisation of the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the guarantee of the programs for the visitors.rendezveny-0098 We opened this monumental exhibition with the participation of nearly 60 exhibitors in the Orient Hall of the Hungarian Railway Museum where the visitors could see professional discourses and amusing shows like flight simulator, glassblower show, logical playing room or children’s island. In the Westend Hall during the closing dinner for 500 people Magdolna Rúzsa and her band entertained the guests and the unique programs of the Museum were also extra features for the visitors, who could watch a locomotive ballett performance and also they could try out the driving and the inspection trolley.



Raiffeisen Bank teambuilding: The spirit of Renaissance:
Nádasladány Castle – 80 people

rendezveny-0098Time travel and rebith were the mottos of the teambuilding, that was organised by the company for the workers in the castle of Nádasladány. The guests could try on cloaks and with the help of other properties from this era they could identify themselfves with the spirit of Renaissance. They formed groups and performed unusual activities like choosing a funny name for the team, making a teamflag, do martial arts, orientation, getting hold of nutrition, ability quizes. The music of the band dressed in period dresses, the tender movement of the belly dancers, the cups made of clay, the keeping of the traditional hospitality and the decoration contributed to create the feeling of this unique and special day.


Acer Hungary Press Conference:
Kempinski Hotel Corvinus***** Budapest – 40 people

rendezveny-0098The Acer Hungary’s prestigeous press conferences are organised regularly in the Kempinski Hotel. After the presentations the IT journalists can even try out the newest products then after the interviews and the photo shooting the program will be closed with an informal conference breakfast. The elegant setting, the professional services and the personalized gifts grant the success of the event.




WESSLING Hungary Ltd. International Company Meeting, Budapest – 85 people
Hotel Hilton *****Budapest, Parlament, Manna Lounge

rendezveny-0098Our partner’s order was to organize a very important, 3-day-long international and professional conference also providing the travel, transfer and  the accomodation of the international guests. Beside the professional discourses our goal was that the guests from the different european countries could have a chance to get to know the hungarian culture, gastronomy and arts. That is why the the locations of the different programs were the Parliament where after the visiting of the bulding Márta Sebestyén had an exclusive concert, the Manna Lounge where after visiting the Matthias Church and the Castle the guests could participate in a pleasant hungarian dinner accompanied by live gipsy music and the Hotel Hilton  where the conference was organised.


Dell-Intel product demonstration:
Mix Club – 135 people

rendezveny-0098The common product demonstration of Dell and Intel started with a pips where the fans could cheer for their favourite teams during the final of the football world cup with Oliver Nacsa sport commentator. The active guests could bid to win football souvenirs, they could try out table soccer and soccer machine or could compete with the hungarian champions of the football freestyle. The event ended with flying luftballons which was so spectacular as the performance of jugglers walking on sticks waving flags.



Viasat Hungary Ltd. Partner meeting in Eden:
Jankovich mansion****, Rácalmás – 55 people

rendezveny-0098Also this year the event of Viasat was full of excitement where after the channel’s professional discourses the guests had a chance to row in a dragon boat on the Danube with the players of the Eden hotel. The stand-up comedy of Péter Felméri, the photo shooting with the actors of the reality show, cigar and cognac, grill food with fresh spices and the refreshing wines created a feeling of the real Eden on the terrace of the mansion.




Dell-Intel partner meeting and teambuilding:
Fenyőharaszt Castle**** – 25 people


We organized a conference for one of our primary partners on a late autumn day at the Castle in Fenyőharaszt. There was time also for teambuilding where our guests achieved great results in clay pigeon shooting and they felt nostalgic eating bacon cooked over coals and drinking a spritzer.

During the evening everybody could imitate their favourite heros, enjoy the show in the fancy costumes, they could be voice actors or even directors: these impersonations would have deserved Oscar. The behind-the-scenes movie of the event was a real success and it was worthy to close these days with.


Year-end closing party at Christmas:
Novotel Congress Hotel **** Budapest – 600 people

rendezveny-0098We organized a year-end closing party with a cavalcade of christmas lights for one of our primary partners in the Patria saloon of  Novotel Congress hotel. Elegant dinner, luscious vines, polite service, gala programs that were unique because of the poems of Attila József by Tamás Jordán and Ferenc Sebő. The evening closed with Tibor Tátrai and Antal Gábor Szűcs playing on latin guitar and the spectacular and thrilling show of Andrea Keleti and her dancers.




Hungarian Public Roads Ltd. Family and Sports day:
Fortress in Komárom – 3000 people 

rendezveny-0098The Family and Sports day with participants from all over the country was held in terms of sportsmanship. We entertained our guests with colorful programs on stage among the walls of this fortress. The two humorists Szőke and Badár and the band Bon-Bon met with success amongst the adults while the children liked the hungarian folk-tale’s theatre, the danceshow and the performance of martial arts. In the outdoors bouncy castles, a climbing wall, handicraft programs, an exhibition of special vehicles and also a tent for hungarian crafts were located. The cooking competition had a great feel to it and in the course of it the families had a chance to compete for the trophies of woodon spoons made of gold, silver and bronze.


Melior Laser 10-year-old anniversary ceremony:
Öböl House for events Budapest – 100 people

rendezveny-0098Our client celebrated its 10-year-old anniversary in the Öböl (Bay) House at the Kopaszi Gát where the guests could spend a pleasant evening and could get to know each other. The concept of the jubilee was the ’Past-Present-Future’ theme. An exhibition symbolized the past of the company, a discourse symbolized the present and we presented the future through the show of the worldwide well-known Attraction shadowtheatre. We made this evening memorable with the show of the guitarist Dávid Tóth, with the delicious snacks and drinks as well as the decorations regarding the function of the company.


WESSLING Hungary Ltd. Hungalimentaria 2-day-long conference:
Vajdahunyad Castle Budapest – 200 people

rendezveny-0098Our high priority client organizes the Hungalimentaria conference in every second year. In 2013 Vajdahunyad Castle was the home of the event where all the important and noted professionals  showed up. Our roles at the conference for Food security were the technical support of the discourses, the catering service and the coordination of the exhibitors.





MVM Exclusive, private opening ceremony of the ’Caravaggio to Canaletto’ exhibiton, with Partner Meeting- Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest – 120 people


We organized the opening ceremony with the VIP partner meeting in the Museum of Fine Arts where the guests had a chance to be the first visitors to see the exclusive exhibition ’Caravaggio to Canaletto’.

The decoration and the italian gastronomy made this event very special. Listening to the harmonious lute music the guests could taste delicious italian snacks and olives, olive oils and spices from the tuscan countryside offered by the italian olive master Giuseppe Scaricamazza. Nevertheless the guests could travel back in time to the Baroque with the help of the enormous fruit decorations and compositions on the fountains in the renaissance hall of the museum.


Dell – Intel VIP Partner Meeting,
Váci 1 Roof terrace Budapest – 35 people

rendezveny-0098The VIP Partner Meeting was held in summer on the Váci 1’s roof terrace, at the corner of Vörösmathy square and the Váci street. The parasols, sunbeds and lounge furniture guaranteed the beach party feeling for our guests and at the evening a real carib party began. Along the spectacle of the city, the presentation of rum and cigar specialities by Csaba Gulyás, the foam party and the fire juggler’s show as closing the event were also big success.




Epson product demonstration and promotion,
Budaörs – 300 people


We organized an unconventional promotion to demonstrate the new product of our client: we offered mini doughnuts with sauces of yellow, magenta, black and cian using of course Epsons ink cartridges, these are the colors of the new printer of the company.

The unique product demonstration met with great success through the delicious taste of the doughnuts and the informal way presenting the products.



Epson product demonstration and teambuilding,
Grund Budapest – 30 people

rendezveny-0098’Come out to the sandlot!’- this call appeared on the invitation which enticed our client’s guests to an unusual product demonstration and teambuilding. The professional discourse was followed by a laser battle, an exciting team game on the sandlot in a nostalgic feeling. During the battle everyone was in high spirits, they aimed precisely but the event closed with peacemaking and a tasty lunch in the Grund cafe.




Dell – Intel VIP Partner Meeting:
Andrássy Residence Wine&Spa**** Tarcal – 35 people

rendezveny-0098On a shiny autumn day at the hills with vineyards in Tokaj : what could be the program for our guests after the professional discourses if not the grape picking, and wine making? Of course in a bit different way as usual, we organized this event with cellar visiting, making of their own Aszú wine, humorous knight games and with initiation ceremonies of wine knights. In the evening the guests could prove their knowledge at a retro quiz and activity, they have to recognise adverts from the 70s and 80s and could try themselves out at a retro karaoke party with Áron Kovács and his popband. Certainly there was more at stakes, they could win a plush Kockásfülű nyúl –a long eared rabbit with chequered pattern – what is a famous hungarian tale figure, a strip mug or Kajla chocolate.


Year-end closing professional conference,
Dürer eventhouse Budapest – 300 people

rendezveny-0098On behalf of our partner we organized this year-end closing conference for 300 people in the Dürer eventhouse where a great stage performance of the new formation of the former band Cotton Club Singers now called ’Songs from the Club’ provided the christmas feeling. The songs by Boldizsár László, Orsi Kozma and Gabi Szűcs conjured the real festive atmosphere on the stage. Our guest greeted each other with enticing christmas courses, luscious wines and sparkling champagne.



Alcoa Köfém Ltd. Year-end closing workers’ party:
Videoton Sporthall Székesfehérvár – 650 people

rendezveny-0098It was the third time organizing the year-end closing party for our high priority partner to say thank you to the workers of the company with a colorful show and serving a delicous gala dinner. The performance of the evening was the show of Quartzbox with Medárd Dániel Cakó quartz animator and Áron Hidvégi paint animator. It was a special, impressive presentation, followed by a charming, fast-paced latin program with Boldizsár Laszlo, Gabi Szűcs, Helga Nánási and the excellent dancers of Dance Theatre of Szeged, who invited the guests to dance all together. 5000 LED bulb made the christmas decoration of the hall very exciting and spectacular.


Phoenix Pharma Ltd. Christmas party;
Boscolo Hotel***** Budapest – 300 people

rendezveny-0098We organized the Christmas event of our partner in the grand ballroom of the Boscolo Hotel which elegance was marked by the atmosphere of the classic New York Café. Magdolna Rúzsa and the Chamber Orchestra performed this evening. Thanks to the breathtaking musical performance, the food specialties created by the Boscolo’s chef, the unique wines and the pleasant guitar music in the background the guests were able to participate in a prominently elegant and magical evening.



Club Aliga Balatonvilágos,  Recreation events, Health day – 1.000-2.000 people 


Beautiful park with old trees, the cool water of the lake Balaton on sunny summer weekends: it is the Club Aliga Resort Balatonvilágos, where this is the fifth year we have organized programs for the summer season. During the recreational events skilled animators entice the young and old to be active: meeting with Buci Bear, Sylvanian Families play house, drawing competitions, sports activities, interactive games with clowns on stilts and pirates, theatrical performances, magic shows, magic circus academy…. only a few programs and games that adults and children alike could enjoy.

During the Health days along with free health screenings, consultations, guide to alternative therapies the visitors could get to know a number of health care products.


Culinary tastings, organization of exhibitions nationwide


Continuing the tradition of previous years, our company organized year-round culinary demonstrations , tasting events in hotels nationwide. It can be any event, but the chocolate tasting and demonstration, the brandy tasting and the individually designed salon for smoking cigar are always a hit. Csaba Gulyas, a master distiller, Giuseppe Scaricamazza, an expert on Italian flavors, Bea Wágner, a chocolate master, Kálmán Tóth, a jam maker, Dénes Kis, a spice master, János Németh, a  coffee specialist … just a few of the experts and masters, who are involved in the individual presentations.

Some of our works in 2013: chocolate tasting in Tisza Balneum Thermal Hotel ****, cigar salon at the Hotel Astoria club restaurant, italian flavors’ tasting and culinary presentation in the Museum of Fine Arts, wine and chocolate tasting on business premises, composition of edible fruit baskets the Bay Event House, rum tasting on the roof terrace at Váci 1.

This year we are also looking forward to meet our partners who are longing for delicious, unique flavors prepared by the true masters .


OFA Ltd. 1-week-long study tour abroad:
Basel and Nürnberg – 11 people

On behalf of our partner we organized the experience exchange program for the second time, this time not in Portugal, but in Switzerland and Germany. The event included a five-day professional conference and workshop. Our task was the organization of the event by booking the flight, the shuttle transfer, providing accommodation and organizing leisure programs. Our guests enjoyed themselves during the successful program full of experiences.


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