magyar nemet

The „frappé”…

Frappé: Ice-cold refreshment; shaken with water coffee and ice; served with a thousand ways.

Frappé Event:
The event-service; A basic idea shaken; flavoured with creative solutions and offered with unique presentation.

Creative conceptions; refreshing ideas; exciting events. Sometimes following the tradition; sometimes shaking the foundations; sometimes factually offered; and sometimes masterfully served.

Classically creative

 About us


Laura Bercea – managing director

Laura Bercea
managing director


Zsófia Princzinger – event planner

Zsófia Princzinger
event planner

Ákos Bátori
event planner

Nagy Bence - mutatványos
Bence Nagy – performer

Bence Nagy


Posztós Csaba - fotóriporter
Csaba Posztós – photographer

Csaba Posztós